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4 pack - .357 MAG Round (Target Pin)


Image of 4 pack - .357 MAG Round (Target Pin)

Assembled in the U.S.A (by 10 year old Jace) using authentic FIRED .40 S&W ammunition

Jace Caps are meant to replace your boring and generic target pins used to hold hold your paper targets in place. Basically if you need to hang a paper target, then you should use Jace Caps and KNOW which target is yours!

Inside Size: 16D with 2.5" of penetration

If you order this item, you will receive a 4 pack of the same color.


"I hope you like my custom valve stem caps. I try my best, so cut me some slack if they are not 100% perfect since I am 10 years old and not a CNC machine."