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4 pack - Dice (Valve Stem Cap)


Image of 4 pack - Dice (Valve Stem Cap)

Assembled in the U.S.A (by 10 year old Jace)

Jace Caps are meant to replace your boring and generic air valve stem caps on your car, bicycle, truck, motorcycle, tricycle, dirt bike, quad, ... tires. Basically if your tires hold air, then they should have Jace Caps on them!

Outside Size: Standard 16mm (5/8 inches) rounded edges, Eco-Friendly acrylic

Inside Size: 7.7mm, (32tpi (threads per inch))

If you order this item, you will receive a 4 pack of the same color dice.


"I hope you like my custom valve stem caps. I try my best, so cut me some slack if they are not 100% perfect since I am 10 years old and not a CNC machine."